How to Write an Autobiography Format

by Joshua Laud

If you want to write your autobiography, there are certain things that you should consider in the the process of writing. You do not worry about the format of your autobiography too much as this will mainly be formatted by your editor, agent or publisher. You have to take into consideration that unless you have had a particularly interesting life story, an agent might not want to purchase your autobiography. However, if you want to submit the autobiography, there is a basic format that it should take.

Double-space all of your work. Agents want to read double-space worked. It is easy on the eye and makes for quicker corrections.

Check with the agent or publisher to find out how many pages they want. Typically, agents ask for the first 30 pages as a preview. This allows them to get a grasp of what your writing is like.

Use standard-sized paper with a regular font such as Times New Roman. Most agents ask you to make the font size 10 to 12 points. This is to make sure that your work is neither too large nor too small on the page.

Include your name, title and page number in either the header or footer on each page. This allows the reader to easily access the your information when necessary.

Include a single-page summary. This needs to capture the attention of your agent or publisher.

About the Author

Joshua Laud started writing professionally in 2008. During his three years at University he worked freelance for various music publications including "Clash Magazine" and "total:spec," and online Data Transmission and Music is Art. Laud also specializes in technology writing. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of London.