How to Move a Group to Another Member on Facebook

By Erin Martise

Updated May 25, 2023

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How to Move a Group to Another Member on Facebook

Facebook groups provide a way to gather employees, business partners and colleagues in the same place on Facebook. While you can't create or use them from your business Page, you're allowed to create business-related groups through your personal Facebook account. If you are ready to transfer the responsibility of maintaining the group to another member, you can make him a group administrator and remove your own administrative access. Once you've removed access, you can also leave the group if desired.

Facebook page groups allow for group admins to make decisions, like moderators, for the group’s topic or collection of users. Social media is commonly used for groups, ranging in topics discussed or made about. The group name normally distinguishes what kind of group it is, while also giving more detail in the group settings. Groups can be public or private, with private groups allowing for privacy settings that can be updated by whomever is in the admin role.

Entrepreneurs can use FB groups for clients and sales for their businesses, other groups can be fan groups or clubs for popular media. When being added to a group, your friends’ list may be able to see your groups in your profile, but this can be a good way of digital marketing and social networking in most cases. In the group page itself, there are normally dropdowns, sidebars and pinned posts allowing for more detail to be shared to those included. The new group normally has a main news feed with new posts in chronological order, displaying who the new admins are with the member list in the new account page.

Mobile browsers using Facebook groups may have different displays from desktop browsers in the platform. Other platforms, like LinkedIn, also use member list groups for certain aspects of networking. To join groups means to allow the group creator to see that you are interested in what they have to share on certain topics. These groups also allow for group chats and group cover photos.

Go to your Facebook group's page and add the future admin to the group if he isn't already a member. To add a member, type his name into the "Add People to Group" text box and select his name from the list that appears.

Click the group page's "About" tab. Locate the member in the list of group members or type his name into the "Find a Member" box and click the magnifying glass icon.

Click the cog icon in the listing of the future admin's picture and click "Make Admin." Select "Make Admin" again in the confirmation window. Return to the About page and find yourself in the list of members. Click the cog icon in your listing and select "Remove as Admin" and "Okay" in the confirmation window.

Click the small cog icon under the member pictures. Select "Leave Group" to remove yourself from the group.


To add a new member to the group, you have to be his Facebook friend.