The Easiest Way to Delete Albums on Facebook

By James Wright

Any custom album can be deleted via your Photos section.
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Deleting a photo album on Facebook can be managed from your list of albums on your profile. Deleting an album will delete the album itself as well as every image inside it, and neither the album nor the images can be restored. There are also limitations as to what kind of album you can delete; images in these albums will have to be deleted individually.

Deleting Albums

Open your Facebook profile, click "Photos," then "Albums." Click on the name of any album you have created to open it. Above the gallery of photos in this album, click the gear icon, then click "Delete Album." Click "Delete Album" again to confirm, and you will be taken back to your list of remaining albums.


You can delete only albums you have created. Default albums, such as Timeline Photos, Cover Photos and Mobile Uploads, cannot be deleted en masse. If you want to delete images from these albums, you will need to view the images and delete them individually. To do this, open an image in full view and hover over it until the menu bar pops up at the bottom. Click "Options," then click "Delete This Photo."