How to Edit the Display Name on Facebook

By Cathy Taylor

Updated January 07, 2017

Your Facebook display name identifies you to others on the social network.
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If you want to change your name on Facebook, it's as easy as following a couple steps. Before changing your name, know that whatever you choose will appear on your Facebook account for 60 days. Choose carefully so your friends and family will recognize your posts and new friends can find you. If you want to make changes to this name, the relevant options are located on the Account Settings page.

Changing Your Display Name

To change your display name on Facebook, simply log into your account, click on the downward arrow in the upper right corner and click on "Settings." Click on the "Edit" button next to your name and carefully type in your name as you would like it to appear on your profile.

What if I Can't Change My Display Name?

If for some reason, you can't change your Facebook name, you should check to make sure your name follows the Facebook name guidelines. You can only change your display name once every 60 days, and your name must not include any of the following: numbers, symbols, unusual capitalization, more than one language, offensive words, titles (such as Dr.) and more.

Setting an Alternate or "Other" Name

If you want to go by another name that is different than the name that appears on your ID, such as a nickname, maiden name or title, you can still add your name to your profile. Simply click on your profile page, click on "Details About You" on the left column and add your name to the "Other Names" section. You can choose what type of name in a drop down that includes nicknames, maiden names, alternate spellings of your name, married names, your father's name, your birth name, your former name, your title and more. Lastly, decide if you want your other name to show up on the top of your profile by checking the box next to "Show at top of profile." Remember to save your changes.