How to Tell a Person's Location From a Facebook Post

By Bonnie Crowe

You may call in sick, but your Facebook posts put you on a beach.
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Facebook can grab a poster's location from the GPS on his phone or through a wireless router on the computer where the post was made. If the person opts to add his location to a post, you can see it on his Facebook Timeline. You can also sometimes detect where the post was made if a picture is attached.

Facebook’s Location Tags

Look for the gray location tag listed at the end of the post. Facebook posters can let their friends and followers know their location by posting a status update and selecting the icon to "add a location to post." The GPS or wireless connection attached to the device where the post was made determines city and state, or sometimes the exact venue.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Examine recent photos posted by the individual you are trying to locate. Even if the location feature was not activated for the photos, you might still be able to decipher where he is by looking for clues in the photos he posted. If someone tells you he's home sick, but posts photos at a concert or snapshots of the beach, he's most likely not in bed in front of the TV with a box of tissues.