How to Add Call Pickup to Avaya

By Barbara Stanley

Updated September 26, 2017

Businesses rely on Avaya for all types of communication.
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Avaya is a communications system, headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, used by large and small businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and charity groups. Avaya employs about 19,000 people worldwide. Avaya can implement telephone systems, messaging, networking, conferencing and customer management for any type of business. A Call Pickup Group is a list of individual phone extensions. Everyone in the group would be able to answer phone calls ringing on another phone in the group. For instance, Mrs. Jones, in the Accounting department, could use her own phone to answer Miss Grant's phone that is ringing in another part of the building, if Miss Grant did not pick up by the fourth ring.

Communication is vital among coworkers and supervisors with the public.
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Create pickup groups and assign users to the groups. For instance, create Accounting Group and assign Mary Smith, Susie Jones, Ron Miller, etc. You can have up to 50 extensions in each group.

Business phone systems can be complex for larger organizations.
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Add users to the new pickup group by typing: "add pickup-group next." Press Enter. The "Pickup Group" screen will display. The system will automatically assign the next available group number to this pickup. Type the group name in the "Group Name" field. For this example, we are using Accounting.

Type the extension number of each group member, then press Enter to save the changes. For example, Mrs. Jones' phone number is 504-667-5555, extension 476.

Assign a Call Pickup button to a user phone by typing: "change station X." X is an extension in the pickup group. Press Enter to save. This will display the "Station" screen.

Click on Next until you see the "Button Assignment" area. Move to the number that you want to use for Call Pickup, then type: "call-pkup" after the button number. Press Enter to save.

Repeat steps four and five for each member of each pickup group. Give each user the button number to use for call pickup.

Next, type: "change system-parameters features." Press Enter. Click on "Next," until you see the "Call Pickup Alerting" field. Set the "Call Pickup Alerting" field to "Y." Press Enter to save.


A user extension number can belong to only one pickup group.