How to Do Strikethrough on Twitter

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Updated May 12, 2020

How to Do a Strikethrough on Twitter
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Sometimes plain text just isn't enough to fully express yourself on Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't give you any tools to style your 140 characters or less for each Tweet. However, Twitter does support unicode characters when you paste them into the composition box. This allows you to use a third party tool to convert plain text into unicode text with the strikethrough styling, and then copy and paste the strikethrough styled text into your tweet.

Visit one of the tools in the References section below.

Type the text you want to strikethrough into the tool's first text area. Click the button that says either "Click to strike" or "Strikethrough" for the tool to produce the same text with the strikethrough styling in the second text area.

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Select the text the tool produced, and then copy it to your clipboard by pressing "Ctrl-C" on your keyboard.

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Sign into Twitter. Compose your Tweet without the strikethrough text, then paste the text into the appropriate place by pressing "Ctrl-V" on your keyboard. Press the "Tweet" button to post your Tweet with its strikethrough text.

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