How Can I Search for Someone I Used to Know?

By Jay Darrington

Updated January 09, 2018

Don't let time keep you and your old friend apart.
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Sometimes the phrase "Friends forever" doesn't take hand. As people follow their different paths in life, friendships disappear, either due to different choices in life or moving to different locations away from their friends. Fortunately, in this day and age, it's easier to find and reestablish friendships that had long ago drifted apart.

Search social networks such as Facebook or Myspace. Enter the person's name in the search feature of the social network. If the individual in question has a profile on the network, and it isn't blocked, it will appear for you .

Use a people search engine such as Zabasearch or Intellius. You can enter the person's name and the state you believe they live in, and get information such as the person's name and phone number.

Check the phonebook of the area where they live. Many cities and telephone services put their phone books online as well, in case you can't get a phonebook.

Contact the Hall of records of the city the person may live in and ask if it's possible to access any information about the person, such as titles, deeds or addresses.


Offer some information on who you are and how you knew the other person when you first reestablish contact.


Be sure the person you have found is the person you know from the past.

Do not harass or violate anyone's privacy. While most people would welcome a reconnection with a friend, others may want privacy.