How to Stop Getting Facebook Texts After You Deactivate Your Account

By Carolyn Luck

Stop those distracting (and costly) Facebook texts.
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Facebook text notifications are a convenient way to stay up to date on friends’ activities without having to manually check your news feed. If you’ve deactivated your account, you probably don’t want regular updates from the social network -- or the wireless provider charges that go with them. The ideal time to turn off Facebook text messaging is prior to account deactivation. However, if you skip this step, you still have options to prevent Facebook from sending text messages to your mobile device.

Via Text

Compose a text message to Facebook from the device you use for text messaging. Enter “32665” (without quotation marks here and throughout) as the recipient. Type “Off” in the subject line. Send the message and await a reply text message, which should take only minutes, confirming that Facebook text messaging is now off. Automated signatures can alter mobile correspondence, so if you’ve set one up delete it prior to sending.

Temporary Reactivation

It may be necessary to reactivate your account to regain access to your mobile settings. Log in to your account with your existing email address and password, which should grant you immediate access to your account in its entirety. If this is not your first time deactivating, you may be required to wait 24 hours before accessing your account. Once logged in, click the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the page and select the “Account Settings” option. On the resulting page, click the “Mobile” tab in the left side panel and adjust your mobile settings. Click the “Remove” link to delete the connection between your Facebook account and your mobile device or scroll to the “Facebook Text Messages” section and select “Never” from the drop-down menu. Repeat the account deactivation process.

Deactivation vs. Deletion

As an alternative to deactivation, you can permanently delete your Facebook account. Unlike deactivation, account deletion does not allow you the option to return to Facebook with full access to your existing account. If you decide to go back to Facebook, you’ll need to create an entirely new account from scratch, adding each friend, photo and personal detail you wish to share. Deleting your account will ensure that no further text messages are sent from the social network. Your friend lists, personal information, Timeline and anything else once contained in your account will no longer exist, ceasing all related activity including notifications and updates.

Wireless Provider

Depending on your carrier, you may have the option to block unwanted text messages on your mobile device. From online account dashboards to spam text message forwarding and investigation, providers like AT&T and Verizon provide their customers with options to safeguard their inboxes. Check with your service provider to see what steps you can take to prevent unwanted text messages from sites like Facebook.