How to Download Photos From Facebook to a Desktop

By Editorial Team

Updated May 13, 2020

How to Download Photos From Facebook to a Desktop
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Facebook is designed to keep you in touch with your friends and inform you of what's happening in their lives. Photos are a big part of that by displaying recent outings, vacations or funny moments. If you find one you'd like to keep, you're in luck. Facebook offers a convenient tool for downloading photos straight to your PC. Using the Download tool lets you save the photo to your desktop, just like any other file.

Log in to your Facebook account and locate the photo you'd like to download. Click the photo to open the viewing window. Click "Options" and select "Download."

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Right-click the photo and choose the "Save" or "Save File" option. Depending on your browser's configuration, the photo might save automatically to the default Downloads folder. Otherwise, choose the appropriate download location.

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If you need to move the photo, press "Win-E" and click "Downloads" in the Favorites section. Drag and drop the downloaded photo to a location of your choosing, such as the Desktop or Pictures library.

If you need to download all of your pictures, click the gear icon to open Settings, then click "Account Settings" and then "Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data." This wizard will walk you through the process to download everything, including information and photos, in a single archive.