How to Stop Someone From Sending a Friend Request on Facebook

By Erin Martise

Updated May 25, 2023

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How to Stop Someone from Sending a Friend Request on Facebook

Anyone can send you a friend request on Facebook by default, which can be beneficial when you are trying to expand your business network. You can modify this option in your privacy settings, but in the meantime, you can decide who you want to accept requests from and delete those that you don't want to accept. When you delete a request, Facebook also provides an option to prevent a user from sending friend requests in the future if you do not know the person outside of Facebook.

Friends of friends often attempt to send requests to those they see as familiar or common in name. Facebook users who see friends of friends will often send Facebook friend requests to those that they have heard about or look familiar to them online, and Facebook pages often allow your city, workplace and education to be shown, allowing for others to see similarities when sending requests. Sent requests send notifications to the Facebook user from the Facebook profile, normally with a pop-up on their device, but requests can also be canceled or declined in the social media platform if not desired.

Friends’ lists often determine how people find others on the platform, looking at mutual friends and number of friends to make new requests. Fake friend requests are also common from these aspects as well, if someone hacks an account with friends listed. Account settings allow for privacy efforts to be made to hide certain information from those who are not in your friends list. If you do happen to accept the add friend button in your notification, you can also unfriend that person, block and unblock that profile, block friend requests, see your own pending friend requests, and see who you have recently included in adding friends. Certain tap settings on the platform allow for those to find friends within searches and profile and group drop-down menus. You can always cancel a request if you change your mind about adding someone.

Log in to your Facebook account, click the "Friend Requests" icon in the upper-left corner, and then click "See All."

Click "Delete Request" next to the name of the person from whom you want to stop receiving friend requests.

Click "No" on the message asking whether you know the person outside of Facebook. This person will no longer be able to send you any friend requests.


To prevent unknown users from sending you friend requests, click the "Friend Requests" icon and select "Settings." Choose an option from the Who Can Send You Friend Requests list, and then click "Done."