How to Appear Unavailable on Facebook Messenger

By Erin Martise

Updated May 25, 2023

Manage your Facebook account invisibly.
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How to Appear Unavailable on Facebook Messenger

Business owners who use Facebook for marketing purposes can benefit from the use of Facebook Chat. You can use Facebook Chat to message Facebook friends in real-time about current promotions and new products. When chatting isn’t convenient for you, adjust your settings so that you’re unavailable to all Facebook friends, or on a per-person basis. This will allow you to remain invisible while logged in, so you’re free to manage pages, groups and Facebook apps for your business even after you’ve opted to turn off active status.

In the Messenger app where the Messenger icon appears, on both android or iphone, you can mark yourself as offline or online depending on your personal preference. This change to turn off active status will show up for your friends in the social media platform and will basically signal that this person is unavailable on Messenger. If you keep getting repeated, unwanted messages from someone, even when offline, you can block and unblock them as needed and desired, in both your Messenger account and your Facebook account settings. Notifications can also be silenced when in an unavailable or offline mode. The Messenger app can be found in most app stores, and acts similarly to WhatsApp in terms of messaging features. Your internet connection may also determine your online or offline status as well, but to turn off active status should not always require internet connections.

While offline, you should still have full access to everything available in your profile, like your block list, search bar, other user’s accounts, friend’s accounts, or other another person’s account, access to open Facebook, mutual friend lists, group chats, direct messages, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, and profile pictures. Your status can be updated to unavailable or offline in a web browser or mobile app on all systems, like ios, microsoft, windows, etc. The top-right corner is normally where most settings are placed for updating status in the Facebook Messenger app. If you’re confused on how to turn off your active status, here are some tips.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Click the chat options button, denoted by the gear-shaped symbol in the lower-right corner of any page.

Click the “Turn Off Chat” option to make yourself appear unavailable to all Facebook friends. To control visibility more precisely, click the “Advanced Settings” option, and use the resulting dialog box to adjust your visibility on a per-person basis. Enter the names of the friends to whom you wish to remain visible or invisible in the corresponding box and click the “Save” button.


Turning off Facebook chat automatically sends any messages directly to your Facebook inbox. When turning on chat, Facebook reverts back to the most recent setting. If you previously had chat turned on for a select group of friends, this will be your default setting. Use the “Advanced Settings” link to adjust which friends you’re available to chat with.