How to Update My MSN

by Ian Moore

Taking a few minutes to customize can make it your one-stop site for everything that's important to you. Not only can it give you the day's weather and customized news, it also links directly to your Micorsoft services, like, Office and OneDrive, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Just log in with your Microsoft account and you can set up in just a few minutes.


Go to and click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page if you're not signed in already. Select "Sign In," "New Here," or "Sign Up." They all take you to the same screen. Log in using any Microsoft account email address. This includes Hotmail email accounts, the email address you use for Skype, or your Office 365 account. If you don't have a free Microsoft account yet, click the "Sign Up Now" link and follow the onscreen prompts to get one.


Hover the curosr over any of the icons in the toolbar, like, OneNote or OneDrive. Now that you're signed in, these icons are linked to your Microsoft services. For example, the icon will give you a drop-down menu with your most recent emails. The OneNote icon shows you recent notebooks. Clicking on any of these icons takes you directly to that service's page. Facebook and Twitter won't be active until you connect them to your Microsoft account.


Click your Microsoft username -- located where the Sign In link used to be -- and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. Connect your Twitter or Facebook account to your page by clicking the "Link Account" buttons. From this same page, you can also edit your Microsoft account settings, change your preferred language and manage your Bing privacy settings.


Type your address or city in the "Home Location" text field, then select your location from the drop-down menu. This customizes MSN's news and weather to what's most relevent for where you live.


Click the "MSN" link at the top of the page and select "Home." Note that your current weather now appears near the top of the page. Scroll down and take a look at the news sections so you can decide what you want and what you don't want to keep.


Click your Microsoft username again and select "Customize this Page." This gives you thumbnails of all the sections, from News and Sports to Technology and Politics. Checkmarks indicate which ones will be seen in your feed. Select and deselect the sections by clicking the thumbnails, then click "Done." The MSN home page refreshes to reflect your new choices.


Click the "Edit" link beside any news section to move it up or down on the page. You can also delete the category using the drop-down options here, or add a new section below it.


Click your Microsft username one last time once you have the page looking like you want it. Select the "Make MSN My Homepage" link. The next time you open your Web browser, will be the first page you see, with your weather and customized news listed in front of you.


  • check Clicking the headers beneath each news section will take you to additional content. For example, if you selected "New York" as your location and then click the "Local" link in the News section, this gives you content from AM New York, The New York Times and WCBS-TV. Add additional locations by specifying them at the top of this local news page.
  • check If you're having difficulties logging in or seeing content, make sure you've updated your Web browser. You can use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox to access On Mac computers, you can also use Safari.

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