How to Stop a Mac from Announcing the Time

by Brendan O'Brien

Mac computers are built with several user-friendly features. These features include the ability to announce the time. This can be great when you need to know what time it is to be able to meet a deadline. If you do not like when it announces the time, you can turn the feature off.

Click the small "Apple" icon in the top-left corner of the desktop. Scroll down and click "Preferences."

Click "Date & Time" in the window that appears.

Remove the check mark next to "Announce the time after" in the window. Close the window.

About the Author

Brendan O'Brien is a professional journalist in Milwaukee, Wis. He has worked for several news organizations, newspapers such as the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" and trade magazines during his career of more than 15 years. He is currently a freelance writer who works for several publications.