How to Report a Missing Person Online in Pennsylvania

by Jessica Leigh

When a loved one goes missing, it can be an extremely difficult time for friends and family. The best thing to do is file a missing person's report and get as many people searching as possible. In Pennsylvania, missing persons can be reported to law enforcement online in addition to in person.

Write a detailed description of the missing person. This description could be the key to finding the missing person, so be very specific. Write down such things as eye color, hair color, complexion, height, weight, tattoos, scars, build, type of clothing and any other distinguishing characteristics. Include recent photographs with your description. The best photographs to include are head shots taken from the shoulders up and a full body shot.

Report the missing person to the proper local law enforcement agency. Before reporting your missing person online, it is very important to notify the police. The report should be filed with the police department of whatever county you or your loved one lived in at the time of disappearance. In addition to giving the police the description of the person, also give them a list of places that the person was likely to frequent.

Send the case to Pennsylvania Missing Persons website. Be sure to include the description, photos and contact information for the local law enforcement agency where the report was filed. Send all information via email to

Post notices of the missing person on social networking sites. Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are very popular across the county. If your loved one has left Pennsylvania, this could be a good way to find him or her. Be sure to include a way for anyone with information to contact you.

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