How to Find Old Internet Accounts

by James Wright

With the Internet as vast as it is, odds are you have plenty of accounts in various places. They could be anything from banking accounts to social networking, instant messaging, forums, photo sites and job search accounts. It's a good idea to keep track of these accounts for security reasons, as your email or other personal information is almost always involved. However, it can also be nice to find your old accounts simply out of curiosity. There are many ways to find old accounts online, and they're all pretty simple.


Check all of your email accounts for registration confirmations, newsletters, updates or other information that shows where you currently have an account. Not all newsletters will come from a site with an account, but some will only be sent if you're a registered member.


Search for yourself online. Use a search engine to look for any pseudonyms you may have used, or to look for what accounts are using your email. If it's a common pseudonym, you may have difficulty locating your own accounts, but it's a good option if you're running out of ideas.


Check your saved passwords in your browsers to look at what websites you are set to automatically log in to. If you don't clean your browser data very often, you could be holding passwords for some older accounts, even if you don't visit the sites anymore.


Brainstorm for possible websites you could have used. Consider multiple types of websites, not just social networks or forums. EBay, PayPal, Twitter, Flickr, online shopping, bank accounts, school accounts, communication (such as Skype) and government sites could also be places that have old accounts of yours.


  • check Using multiple email addresses can be handy, but using fewer addresses makes it easier to keep track of all your accounts. Save your registration emails so you remember where you've signed up!


  • close If you don't use an account anymore, and doubt you will again, consider deleting the account. While you aren't using it, your email address, name or other information may still be available to viewers or search engines.

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