How to Get Your Name Listed in Google

by Contributor

Do you want your name indexed in Google? When you do a Google search on your name, the results can help you get noticed, self-promote or help people find you. There are a few things you can do to increase your own SEO (search engine optimization).

Create your online identity. Whether for a web site or a blog or an alias that you want to be known as (or all of the above), create it. If you want to promote a pseudonym or a real name or corporate name, use it consistently and you will be able to later search on it and let others find you when they perform a Google search on it.

Post. Post in forums, comment on blogs and create pages on your website or blog if you have one. Google will find you with its search facility trolling the web looking for new content. The more information you have out there under your persona, the more opportunity to find you and index you in Google. This can also help others notice you or something that you are trying to promote.

Submit to directories. You can submit to Google directly so it finds you sooner or you can go to other directories that help you get indexed such as the Open Directory Project (see Resources).

Network socially. Social networking and social bookmarking sites that Google's bots already crawl will help you get indexed in Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Join social bookmarking sites like, digg, wink and others. Join sites like MySpace or similar that can also get you indexed by your chosen online trademark name as well and join profile sites like linkedin.


  • check Your name is your brand and identity online so decide whether you want it to be your real name or a user ID. Everything you do online in a public area can be searched.
  • check Search for the name you want before getting started on your efforts to get indexed in Google. You want to see what is out there with the same name.
  • check Blogs and forums get great indexing. Even if you're trying to promote a web site, do a blog as well and join forums that pertain to your special interest or niche. If blogging, put relevant comments on other well-known blogs that are indexed to increase your number of search results in Google. Forum participation is also well indexed by Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines.


  • close Be aware that negativity can be searched on as well as positivity and know that if you post something online, it is searchable unless it's a secure site by password only. If you flame someone in a forum, those statements will be linked to your name.
  • close Be selective about what information you post. If you post personal information online, you can be the victim of identity theft or fraud.