How to Link Foursquare to a Facebook Fan Page

by Jason Spidle

Foursquare is a location-sharing service that is accessed through mobile devices. Users of the service can check in at locations such as restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and other destinations in order to share their location with friends or share tips about the destination. Depending on the type of Facebook Fan Page you operate, there are two different ways you can link Foursquare with your Facebook Page. Business who operate Facebook Pages will want to link the Foursquare business listing to their page using the PlaceWidget. Public figures who operate a Facebook Page will want to stream their Foursquare check-ins to the wall using Twitter.

Business Facebook Page


Navigate to within your Facebook account, and click "Allow" to grant Facebook access to Foursquare.


Enter the name of your business and then click the "Find" button.


Click the radio button beside your business listing in the search results displayed directly below the "Find" text box. This will enable the widget to display your Foursquare business listing in a separate tab on your Facebook Page.


Click the "Choose Your Page" drop-down menu and select the Facebook Page associated with your business.


Click "Save Settings" once the widget is configured with your business.


Click the "Add to Your Page" button and then click "Add PlaceWidget" to link your Facebook Fan Page with your Foursquare business listing.

Public Figure Facebook Page


Navigate to to register for an account to be used exclusively for posting your Foursquare updates to your Facebook Page wall.


Enter your name and select a username and password for your Twitter account, and then click "Sign Up."


Sign in to your email and click the confirmation link you receive from Twitter to confirm your account.


Navigate to and sign in to your account.


Click "Settings."


Click "Add Twitter."


Sign in to your account using the Twitter account you just configured and then click "Authorize App."


Navigate to and sign in to your Facebook account.


Click "Sign in With Twitter."


Click "Allow."


Click the check box beside your Facebook Page and then click "Allow" in the pop-up window to authorize Twitter to publish content to your Facebook Page. All of your Foursquare check-ins, badges and Mayorships will be automatically published to Facebook via Twitter.

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