How to Export Twitter Lists to CSV

by Marina Martin

Anyone on Twitter can create a Twitter List -- a hand-picked selection of other Twitter users, usually centered on a particular geographic area, interest or industry. If a list's curator makes the list public, anyone else on Twitter can subscribe to that list. Clicking through to a list you own or subscribe to shows you the most recent tweets from just list members. At time of publication, is the only tool that allows you to save the full roster of a public list's members to a CSV file for future reference, backup or importing into another software program.


Load the website ( in your Web browser.


Choose the "Twitter" tab.


Type the list owner's Twitter handle, followed by a forward slash, followed by the list name. For example, to export the accounts on National Public Radio's Twitter list "NPR Shows," you would type the following:



Click the "Continue" button.


Register for a free account with your email address, chosen password and name.


Click "Complete."


Choose "CSV" as your download format and download your list.