How to Export the Contact List in Trillian

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When you install a new version of Trillian, you will need to copy the old Buddies.XML file and paste it into a folder in the new version of Trillian so your contacts will be exported. Keep reading to find out how you can use this time saving technique to export your old contact list into a new version of Trillian.

Select the "Start" menu and click on "My Computer" to open the "My Computer" window.

Browse to locate where you saved Trillian the last time you installed the program. By default, it would have been saved in "All Programs" on your "C" drive unless you choose to save it somewhere else. There should be a folder called "Trillian."

Double-click the "Trillian" folder to open it, double-click the "Users" file, double click "Default" and click to select the Buddies.XML file. This is your contact list from the last time you installed Trillian.

Right-click on top of the Buddies.XML folder and select "Copy" from the shortcut menu.

Browse to find where you have installed the new version of Trillian and find the "Trillian" folder. Double-click it, then double-click the "Users" file, double-click "Default" and then right-click anywhere within that folder.

Click "Paste" from the shortcut menu. Confirm that you want to replace the current Buddies.XML file with the new file. The next time you open the new version of Trillian, your contacts will be exported into the program.


  • check The default location for the file you need to move to export your contact list is C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\Buddies.XML.

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