How to Copy & Paste on the Google Android Phone

by Chad Anderson

Google Android phones are capable of a number of advanced functions that are not available on typical mobile phones. With text-entry fields in nearly every application, a copy-and-paste feature is essential for functionality. Although different depending on the version of Android you are using, the clipboard feature is available in nearly the same fashion across the board, with a few additional improvements in newer and tablet-centric versions of Android.


Open a website, an email, a document or any other application with a text-entry field.


Scroll to the text you wish to copy to your device's clipboard, then press and hold your finger over the beginning of the text.


Tap the "Select Text" option if a context menu appears, then move your finger across the text you wish to copy. When you release your finger, the text will be copied to your device's clipboard.


Open the text-entry field you wish to copy your text into, then press and hold until the context menu appears. Tap the "Paste" button to paste the text into the field.

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