How to Ask for Donations on Facebook

by Michael Batton Kaput

Facebook isn't just for keeping tabs on which parties your friends are going to; it can be a useful tool for business promotion or charity work as well. Through Facebook, you can reach dozens, or even hundreds, of potential donors for your charity or cause. By using basic Facebook tools such as status updates and notes, you can publicize your cause and call on your friends to not only donate, but to spread the word about your cause to all of their friends. It's viral marketing at its best, and it can help you do some good.

Sign into Facebook. Click your name in the upper left-hand corner of the Facebook home page. Click "Notes," then click "Write a Note." Write a concise description of the cause for which you are collecting donations. Be sure to include links to relevant websites with more information about the cause, as well as links to where people can donate online if applicable. Publish the note so your entire network can see it by clicking "Everyone" in the "Privacy" box and clicking "Publish."

Write Facebook statuses soliciting donations. Click your Facebook profile and type a status update in the "Status" box. Include Web links if applicable. These status updates will be seen by everyone in your Facebook network.

Change your profile picture to a picture of your cause or a picture of a poster soliciting donations. Move your mouse over your profile picture and click "Change Picture." Click "Browse" and click the picture from its location on your hard drive. Press "Enter" to change your profile picture.

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