How to Add and Remove Finder Sidebar Items on Mac OS X

by John Ford

The Mac Finder allows users to scroll through programs and files quickly without cluttering up your desktop with aliases, or shortcuts. The Finder Sidebar menu can be customized by adding and removing items. This gives users of the Mac OS X operating system quick access to their frequently used files, folders, searches and servers.


In an open Finder window, select "Finder" on the top left side of the menu bar and then select "Preferences."


Select "Sidebar" from the icons at the top of the Finder Preferences panel.


Once "Sidebar" is selected, you will see check boxes that you can use to select or deselect items to customize your Finder Sidebar. The Sidebar is divided into: Devices, Shared (network), Places (folders) and Search. Select or deselect the items you wish to show in your Sidebar using the check boxes.


Items in the Sidebar also can be arranged by clicking and dragging the icons to the location you prefer in the Sidebar.


  • check Any folder or application also can be added to the Sidebar by dragging the item into the Sidebar.
  • check Items also can be removed from the Sidebar by dragging them out of the Sidebar.


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