How to Make an Admin in IRC

by Paul Higgins

Making another user an "admin," or operator, in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chat room allows him to perform certain tasks, such as banning users from the room. IRC is a network of servers to which users can connect by using a dedicated IRC program, known as an IRC client. They can then create their own chat rooms or join existing ones to talk with other IRC users. You can make someone an admin in your IRC chat room by using a special command.

Place your cursor in the message field at the bottom of your IRC client's main window.

Type the following command: /mode #channelname +o username Replace "channelname" with the actual name of your IRC channel, or room, and replace "username" with the username of the person you want to make admin.

Press the "ENTER" key on your keyboard. That user will now be an admin in your IRC chat room.


  • close Only give admin powers to people you trust. Even though you may have created a chat room, any person to whom you give admin powers can potentially kick you out, and even ban you from the room.

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