How to Turn Off Word As the Editor for Email in Outlook 2007

by John Smith

Microsoft Outlook is an email and organizational program that can sync up with virtually any email server. By default, Outlook uses Microsoft Word as the email editor. Word is a feature-rich program that autocorrects grammar and spelling errors, allows table formatting and supports hyperlinks. If you don't need all this, use the menu option in Outlook 2007 to disable Word as the editor. You can reverse this change if you later decide you want to enable the Word editor again.


Open Microsoft Outlook. You should have link to the program on your desktop, but if not select "Start," then "All Programs," then scroll down the menu and select the "Microsoft Office" folder. Click on the link to Outlook to start the program.


Select the "Tools" option from the main menu.


Select "Options," then select the tab labeled "Mail Format."


Uncheck the box next to "Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages."

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