How to Send Text Messages via Email on MetroPCS

By Brandy Alexander

Updated September 18, 2017

MetroPCS gives you the option to send texts via email.
i Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

MetroPCS offers a free option that enables you to send text messages via email. This feature is known as Short Message Service (SMS) to email gateway. This SMS feature is especially convenient if you do not have access to your mobile device, or just want to save a little money on text messaging rates. All you need to know is your recipient’s full number so that you can send an email and have it delivered as a text message.

  1. Launch your email program and open a new message to send a text to someone who uses the MetroPCS provider.
  2. Enter “” in the “To” field, and replace phone with your recipient’s complete number. Be sure to include the area code, but do not type dashes or any other characters in your entry.
  3. Type your message into the body of your email as usual and then send your message. Your recipient should receive a text message immediately.


You can also send text messages to people who use other wireless providers such as AT&T and Boost Mobile. After you know what carrier your recipient uses, look up the SMS gateway address to understand how to address the email and send your text (links in Resources).

When sending a text via email, the sender's name appears in the “From” field of the text message. This information comes from the settings in your email provider. Your actual cell phone number does not show in the message.

The recipient has the option to reply or forward your message just as she would normally interact with any text. When the recipient replies to the received text, you get a reply back on your mobile device. If the recipient forwards the received text, the new recipient gets the same text as the original message.

After successfully sending your text message, be sure to add the recipient's MetroPCS address to your contacts list so that you do not have to keep looking it up each time you want to send a new text from your email.


Some mobile providers require that the user take additional steps before receiving gateway messages. If your recipient is not using MetroPCS and does not receive your text, have him check with his particular provider's SMS to gateway requirements.

Keep your message shorter than 160 characters to avoid having it separated into multiple texts. If the recipient receives numerous messages, they may not always arrive in the order you send them.