How to Create an Email Link That Sends a Response

by Ray Padgett

If you use the Internet frequently, you may have noticed links that, instead of opening up a web page, open a "Compose" window in your email client. One use for this process is to enable someone to click a link that sends a pre-formatted email response. This is done with a simple piece of HTML coding, similar to how you might link a website.

Copy and paste the following code into the email where you want to response link to go: <p> <a href="mailto:XXXXX?Subject=YYYYY&Body=ZZZZZ"> MYREPLYTEXT</a> </p>

Replace "XXXXX" with your email address (for instance: "").

Replace "YYYYY" with the subject you wish the response email to have (for instance: "Re: Meeting").

Replace "ZZZZZ" with the text you wish to place in the body of the email (for instance: "I got your message!"). If you do not wish to have anything automatically appear in the body, delete the following from the code: &Body=ZZZZZ.

Replace "MYREPLYTEXT" with the text you want to appear in the email you send (for instance: "Click here to reply.").

Send the email.

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