How to Search for People on Yahoo Mail Using Only Their Email Address

By Richard Bashara

Updated August 29, 2017

i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you are looking for an old Yahoo contact that you used to have, try searching for his email address online using Yahoo Mail. This will give you the person's name, any emails you have shared with him and photos and files that were emailed too. This works for any email address.

Log in to your Yahoo Mail account at

Begin typing the email address that you want to search for in the search bar above your inbox. As you begin to type, Yahoo generates names and email addresses matching what you have entered. Click on the email address when it appears, or click “Search Mail.”

If you want to see contact data for this email address, click “Contacts” and type the address in the “Look For” search bar.

If no results appear, then you have had no contact with the person using the email address. Click the "Search Web" option to find any publicly available information about the person or business using the email address you entered.

Send an email to the contact for whom you are searching. If you performed the search from Yahoo Mail, click the email the person sent and then click “Reply” to send a response. If you searched in Yahoo Contacts, click the person’s primary email address and Yahoo will open a new message for you to compose in Yahoo Mail.


When searching for email, try typing the subject line or a phrase from the email in quotation marks. Typing keywords from that email should cause Yahoo to recall it during a search. Quotation marks are used for “phrase match” so Yahoo knows to look for that specific combination of words, as opposed to just the words themselves.