How to Embed Yelp Listings in a Web Page

By David Weedmark

Updated August 23, 2018

Yelp's distinctive logo is instantly recognizable on embedded badges.
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If you have a business page on Yelp, you can embed your Yelp listing on your own website so prospective customers can see objective reviews from others. Badges provided by Yelp give you the option to post your average review score, the number of reviews you received or the number of five-star reviews you have accumulated. Badges from other developers, which are also free, give you even more options, including a sample of your most recent reviews and different widths.

Yelp Badge

Log into your Yelp business account and click the "Review Badges" link in the Your Business section of your account home page.

Examine the badge options that appear on the left side of the page. Options include your business' average rating and number of reviews, the number of five-star reviews you have, or buttons that link to your Yelp business profile.

Highlight the code beside the badge you want. Copy it and paste it where you want it to appear on your Web page.

RefMob Badge

Navigate to the RefMob Yelp Badge page. (See Resources for link.) Enter the 10-digit business phone number used on your Yelp profile in the "Business Phone" text field. You can also create badges for other businesses if desired. Type only the numbers, without spaces, hyphens or brackets. Enter your email address in the "Email" text field. The email address does not have to be associated with Yelp or your business.

Click the "Get Badge" button. The code for a large badge and a small badge is displayed on the screen. The small badge lists the number of reviews, and the average score out of 5 stars. The large badge includes the three most recent reviews. Both badges contain a link to the business Yelp page.

Highlight the code for the badge you want, copy it and then paste it where you want it to appear on your Web page.

Chris Arwen's Yelp Widget

Navigate to Chris Awren's Embeddable Yelp Widget page (see Resources).

Enter a Yelp business ID in the first text field. This doesn't have to be your own business. You can find the ID of any business on Yelp by going to its Yelp profile page and then copying the text in the URL after ""

Customize the appearance of the widget using the options on the page. You can select a width for the widget, Yelp image color and the number of reviews to appear in the widget. You can also embed an image for the business in the widget. A preview of the widget appears beside the options and is updated as you customize the widget.

Click the "Get Widget" button. Copy the widget script that appears and paste it into the header of your Web page. Copy the "Div" code and paste it where you want the widget to appear.