How to Customize Yahoo Finance

By David Weedmark

Updated August 23, 2018

Track Yahoo (YHOO) or other stocks automatically by customizing Yahoo Finance.
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By default, Yahoo Finance shows current quotes for gold, oil and bonds, as well as stock market charts, that may or may not be relevant for your business or personal finances. If you sign into Yahoo Finance with your Yahoo account, you can customize these widgets with the quotes that are most important to you. For more detailed information, Yahoo Finance also includes an option to display reports reflecting your own portfolio directly on its home page. Customizing the page takes only a couple of minutes and will be there waiting for you whenever you log into your Yahoo account.

Adding Quotes and Charts

Sign in to Yahoo. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free by clicking "Sign Up." You can also sign in with a Facebook or Google account.

Click "Finance," located in the Yahoo Sites menu on the right. A list of financial markets appears near the top of the page.

Click the "My Market" gear icon.

Select the Layout you want for your Yahoo Finance page. You have an option to see only text quotes or quotes with charts showing their recent progress. You can select nine text quotes, three quotes with three charts, or a combination of charts and quotes.

Type the symbol for each stock or market you want to track in the "Symbol" fields. For example, type "AAPL" to track Apple Inc. If you don't know the symbol for a stock or market, you can find it by typing the name in the "Get Quotes" field near the top of the page.

Type a name for each stock in the "Name" field beneath symbol if desired. These names will be displayed instead of the symbol beside the quote or chart.

Type a name for your customized view in the "My Market" text field if desired.

Click the "Make This Tab My Default View" option if desired.

Click the "Save and Close" button. Your customized quotes appear at the top of the Yahoo Finance page.

Adding a Portfolio

Log into Yahoo Finance, scroll down the page and click the "My Portfolio" button. Click "Create New."

Type the stock or market you want to add to your personalized portfolio in the "Manage Symbols" text field. You can type the symbol or name. Select the one you want from the drop-down menu that opens when you begin typing.

Click the "Add Symbol Button" to add your selection to the portfolio.

Select the Market Indices you want to see in your portfolio by clicking the appropriate check boxes. These include Dow Jones Industrial, Standard & Poor 500 and other indices.

Select your desired view from the "Default View" menu. These include Basic, Performance, Real-time, Fundamentals or Detailed.

Click the "Save" button. The custom portfolio appears on the Yahoo Finance home page whenever you are logged in. Click the "View Complete Portfolio" link to see the entire report and to make additional changes whenever desired.


Information in this article applies to the Yahoo Finance website as it functioned in February 2013.