How Do I Forward a Text Message to My Email Account From Verizon?

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 20, 2017

i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Although there is no Verizon service to automatically forward a text message to your email account, you can forward these messages manually by following the steps for your specific device.

Why Forward Text Messages?

One reason you may forward a text is to save important information from the text or to forward that information to someone else via email. Another reason would be to archive your texts in your email account as a sort of backup if your texts are ever lost. You could also forward these text messages to email if you are moving to a new phone and do not want the texts on the new device but do want an archive of the messages.

On iPhone Devices

You can forward text messages to your email account by using one of two different methods. The first is to simply copy the message from Messages and then paste it into a new email message in your iOS email app and then send it.

The second is to use the iPhone's Forward option. Open the message thread that contains the message that you want to forward. Tap and hold the message you want to forward and then tap the "More" button. Tap the circle next to each message you want to forward to your email and then tap the arrow button in the lower-right corner of your Messaging app. Type in the email address you want to forward the text to and then tap the "Send" button to forward it.

On Android Devices

As with iPhones, there are a few different ways to forward text messages on your Android device to your email account.

You can copy the message from your text message app of choice and then paste this into a new email on your email app. Fill the email out with your address and then tap "Send" to forward the text that way.

Another option is to use the Android share feature available in many apps. Select a message that you want to forward and tap the "Share" icon. Choose your email client for what to share the message with and then fill out the email with your address and a subject if desired. Tap "Send" to forward the message to your email address.

One final option to consider is using an app that automatically forwards all of your texts to your email address. SMS to Email, Relay ME or SMS Forwarder are well rated and available from the Google Play Store. Install the app of your choice and set it up with your email account information to have your texts forwarded.