How to Set Up Company Email

by Sharon Mcelwee

Setting up company email is no different than creating any other email address. There are several different ways to set it up. While making your email address accessible through Microsoft Outlook or another email software is extremely convenient, it also leaves you extremely vulnerable to viruses and spyware installing itself on your computer. One of the best ways to protect your business is to use web-based email. Read on to learn how to set up a company email.

Before you go about finding an email service, you need to look at your company and what it needs. Ask yourself these questions: How many people are in your organization? Will you (or your employees) be sending a lot of attachments? Will you (or your employees) be accessing email from multiple computers and/or hand-held devices? How tech savvy are you? The basic email domain includes five email addresses and a set amount of storage space. Even if you are the only one in your company, you might want to have an email for sales, billing and other departments. In addition to knowing the amount of addresses you need, storage space can become an issue if you need to save all your email (and you should) and send a lot of attachments with high end graphics.

Go to your favorite search engine and type "Email hosting" in the search box.

Using the results from your web search, research different companies and the options that they offer. If you are not tech savvy, it might be worth it to you to spend a little more money per month and find a company that offers good tech support.

Call the sales department at all the companies before you make your choice to find out any other deals or options the company offers that are not on the website. Be sure that the email is POP3 compatible (if you want to use any email programs like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes), and will work on all devices you want to read email, including Blackberries and iPhones (if applicable).

Make your choice and set up your email.

Send a test email to a friend to make sure it works. Call tech support if you have any problems.


  • check If your company is just starting out, you may want to stick with free email from companies like Yahoo! or Google. If you like the service, they usually have very inexpensive premium options that will give you more flexibility.

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