How to Search Social Networks by Email Address

by Joanne Cichetti

Social networking sites are getting more and more popular. With Facebook (the largest social media network) just hitting more than 500 million users in 2010, it can easily be inferred that at least one twelfth of the world is on social media. This creates opportunities not just for marketers to market their products and services via these popular websites, but also for users to look for and meet their colleagues, family members and long-lost buddies using social networking tools. Searching social media using email address is a simple task.

Sign up for the social networking website on which you want to perform the email address search. While this is not a mandatory step, you will not be allowed to contact the person whom you search for unless you sign up first. Log on to the social network after signing up and enter the email address in the search bar, usually given on the top of the page.

Search the email address on Search Social Network. Search Social Network allows users to search multiple search networks simultaneously. Searches can be performed in three different ways: by name, email address or educational institute. Check the "Search by Email" link on page top and enter the email address of the person you want to trace.

Search the email ID on YoName, another resource that performs search on multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and the likes. The search can be made using the person's first name, last name, email address or phone number. Simply enter the email address in the search field and hit the "Yo" button to perform the search.

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