How to Retrieve Deleted Emails on My BlackBerry

by Katrina Matterhorn

The BlackBerry device is a line of smartphones that provide multimedia messaging, mobile email and voice-activated dialing. Additionally, they are equipped to handle up to 10 corporate and personal email accounts. If you accidentally deleted one of your emails and need to retrieve it, the BlackBerry offers features for doing so.

Log on to the email service on your computer (if it is an email service other than to see if the email is still in the "Sent" or "Received" folders.

Open the email inbox on the BlackBerry to verify if the email can still be located in the "Sent" or "Received" sections by pressing the "Menu" button, then selecting "View Folder" and selecting "Inbox" or "Outbox." Press the BlackBerry trackball each time you highlight your selection to open it.

Open the "Email" icon again, by highlighting it and pressing the trackball, then press the BlackBerry "Menu" button and select "Search" and press the trackball. Type phrases from the email you can recall either a "Name," "Subject" or "Message." Press the trackball again to submit your query and select "Search" once more; then press the trackball to initiation the search. If the email is found, you will have to copy and paste it to another location such as the "MemoPad" or a new email to save it.


  • check If it is a corporate email, contact your IT Help Desk and request to have them retrieve the email.

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