How to Remove DRM From Protected Adobe ePub eBooks

by Shawn Farner

Electronic books (also called eBooks) are sold by many online retailers and come in a variety of formats. For instance, Amazon uses its own proprietary eBook format while other companies use the ePub format. If you've purchased an eBook that uses the Adobe flavor of ePub digital rights management (DRM), you can legally create a backup version for safe keeping. There is only one software application able to help you do this: Adobe Digital Editions Converter.

Downloading Adobe Digital Editions Converter

Visit the eBook Converter website to and download Adobe Digital Editions Converter. (See Resources.) Save the file to your Desktop.

Double-click the file you saved to your Desktop to begin the installation process for Adobe Digital Editions Converter.

Follow the step-by-step installation instructions and, when the software is done installing, click "Finish."

Removing DRM from Your ePub Book

Open your eBook in the Adobe Digital Editions eBook Reader and let it run in the background.

Start the Adobe Digital Editions Converter application by clicking "Start" > "All Programs" and clicking the program's name in the list of available applications. The software will start a conversion wizard.

Set the display mode to "Single Page" and click the "Next" button.

Choose a file name for the DRM-less version of your eBook and then click "Next."

Click "Capture" and leave your computer alone for a few minutes. The Adobe Digital Editions Converter will scan your ePub book page by page and create a PDF version of it, free of any digital rights management. The application will alert you when the process is complete.


  • close This process only works for ePub books that use Adobe's DRM scheme.

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