How to Transfer Books From a Kindle to a Nook

By Serm Murmson

Updated February 10, 2017

Some Kindle books can't be converted due to copyright law.
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The Amazon Kindle eReader is distinct from many other devices in that it does not support the ePub file format. The Barnes & Noble Nook, on the other hand, does support the ePub file format. Fortunately, the proprietary AZW Kindle format is based on the common Mobipocket PRC file format. Therefore, you can rename your AZW files and then convert them to ePub in order to transfer them to your Nook. You can undertake this conversion process either using software or an online service.

Uploading From Your Kindle

Connect your Kindle to your computer's USB port. Your Kindle will appear as an external hard drive.

Copy and paste the desired ebook from your Kindle to a location on your computer's hard drive. Titles are stored in the Documents folder on your Kindle.

Rename the file with the PRC extension if it is an AZW. In some cases, this may not be necessary. However, the PRC file format is recognized by a wide variety of platforms; this will extend your conversion options.

Conversion via Calibre

Open the Calibre software on your computer.

Click the "Add Books" button and select your ebook PRC file. This will add your ebook to the Calibre library.

Right-click on the ebook in your library and select the "Convert Books" option.

Select "EPUB" in the output format drop-down menu and click "OK." The EPUB book will be stored in the same folder as your PRC source file.

Conversion via Hamster Book Converter

Open the Hamster software on your computer.

Click "Add Files" and select your PRC file. If you wish to select multiple titles, you may do so by clicking the "Add More" button.

Click "Next" and select "EPUB" as the output format.

Click the "Convert" button and select a destination folder for your EPUB file.

Conversion via 2ePub

Navigate to the 2ePub website (see Resources).

Click the "Browse" button under the Step 1 menu.

Select your PRC file and click "Upload Files." If you wish to select multiple titles, you can add them to the queue before clicking "Upload Files."

Click "Convert Files to EPUB" under the Step 2 menu. The resulting files will appear as links under the Step 3 menu.

Download the EPUB files to the desired folder on your computer.

Uploading to Your Nook

Eject your Kindle from your computer.

Disconnect the Kindle from the USB cable, and attach your Nook.

Drag the EPUB files from your computer's hard drive to the Nook's hard drive.


Some AZW files are protected by digital rights management. In many cases, DRM of an ebook file will prevent you from converting the book to EPUB.