How to Reset a Garmin Password

By Randall Blackburn

GPS devices are only reliable outdoors.
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The process for resetting your Garmin password is different for various Garmin products and services. For example, you can reset your password for Garmin online services using the Forgot Password tool if you have an email address associated with your Garmin account. Garmin GPS devices are shipped with Garmin Lock, a security feature that enables the device owner to set a password or PIN on the GPS. You may be able to change your device PIN depending on the model of the GPS.

Garmin Online Services

Whether you use My Garmin or Garmin Connect, you can reset your password with the Forgot Password tool. Open Garmin Connect or My Garmin in a Web browser, then click the “Forgot Password” link. The same Forgot Password tool opens for both applications. Type your Garmin username and your email address, then click “Submit.” The Password Reset link is emailed to your email address on file. Open the link in a browser. Type and then retype your new password to confirm it. If you do not have an email address associated with your Garmin account, you must call Garmin customer care for further assistance.

Security Location

When you set up your Garmin GPS device, you were prompted to specify a Security Location. For most individuals, this location is either their home or office, but you can specify any location. The Security Location is a place that your device considers as safe. If you have forgotten your device PIN and cannot unlock the device while out and about, turn off the GPS, then return to your Security Location. Turn on the device. The PIN prompt does not appear.

Reset Device PIN

To reset the device PIN on a Garmin, return the device to your Security Location. Tap the “Tools” icon on the Nuvi, then tap “Settings.” Tap the “Security” icon, then tap the “Garmin Lock” button. The PIN prompt opens. Type your existing pin. The PIN fields open as editable boxes. Type a new 4-digit PIN, then tap “OK.” Note that you may not be able to change the PIN on all Garmin devices.

Lost or Forgotten Device PIN

There is no way for you to perform a factory data reset on Garmin devices to reset the PIN. If you have forgotten your Garmin device PIN, the only way to reset it is to send the device to the manufacturer. Mail the GPS unit along with proof of purchase or product registration to have the device reset by Garmin.

You can perform a soft reset if the device experiences performance issues. To soft reset a Garmin Nuvi, slide the Power button to the left and hold the key for eight seconds. Power the device back on and resume normal use. Check the respective user guides for instructions about resetting other models.

Garmin Customer Care

If you cannot reset your PIN, contact Garmin Customer Care. The representative will provide further instructions based on your device and account. Contact Garmin Support using the online Email Product Support form (see Resources). Log in to your Garmin account, then open the form in the same browser window. The Garmin representative can then access the specs for the devices you own and the status of your account. Complete and submit the form. You can also call the U.S. support number at 800-800-1020 or Canadian support at 866-429-9296 for further assistance.