Can You Get Anime on a Kindle?

By Geoff Whiting

Your favorite anime characters are available in Kindle books and videos.
i Ken Ishii/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anime is available for Kindle devices through a variety of sources. You need a Kindle Fire tablet to be able to watch anime directly, whether that’s through apps, websites or Amazon’s own video services. Amazon has added many manga books to its comics and graphic novels section for Kindle eBooks so you can read stories about your favorite anime characters.

Amazon Instant and Prime

Amazon offers a variety of anime titles on its own video services, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime. Amazon’s pay-per-view service, called Amazon Instant Video, offers more than 800 movies and anime TV series that can be accessed on Kindle Fire tablets through the Video tab on the device. Amazon Prime, a monthly subscription service that offers videos as well as enhanced shipping options for Amazon purchases, includes access to 69 anime movies and TV series as of the time of publication.

Website Access

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets have the capability to play Web videos, which means anime sites like Crunchyroll, GoGoAnime and AnimeStatic work on your tablet (links in Resources). Adobe stopped supporting a Flash player for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire line, so your device does not natively support websites that use a Flash player. Some, however, have added HTML5 video players that work with your device, but you may need to enable that through the site’s options.

Anime Apps

You can access content from most major anime brands through apps available on your Kindle device. Apps come from some content owners, such as Sony on the Crackle app, as well as third-party services like Crunchyroll, Anime Watcher and Anime TV. Many offer free access to anime online while others allow you to store episodes or movies on your device.

Manga Books

If you’re using a Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, you have to read about your favorite anime characters in the more than 3,500 manga books available from Amazon. These devices offer limited app access and cannot play Web videos natively. Amazon operates a Manga section of its Kindle eBooks store; you may have to first tap on the “Comics and Graphic Novels” header to see the "Manga" subhead.