How to Convert an MP3 Audiobook to Kindle Format

by Ashley Poland
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images works with Audible to provide audio book content on the Kindle; you can access audio books through the Audible app on Kindle Fire models or download content directly to your device on the e-ink Kindle models. The MP3 format is already compatible with the Kindle line of e-readers. Furthermore, you cannot create the proprietary Audible files (.AA and .AAX) from MP3 files, nor do you need them to listen to MP3 audio books on your Kindle. If you want to listen to your MP3 audio books on the Kindle, you can do so with an alternative application.

Step 1

Choose an audio book player for the Kindle Fire. For MP3 files, the OverDrive Media Console is the most popular method for playing audio book files. You may also consider trying the Jagamaga Audio books app (links in Resources).

Step 2

Connect your Kindle to your computer using the appropriate USB cable. Your computer should recognize the Kindle as a mass storage device.

Step 3

Open File Explorer (or the equivalent file manager for your operating system, such as Finder or Nautilus) and select the mounted Kindle drive.

Step 4

Open the folder where you've saved your MP3 audio books in another window. Select the MP3 files that you want to copy to your Kindle.

Copy the MP3 files to your Kindle. For Overdrive to recognize the MP3 files, they must be added to the "Audible" folder. If you're using another application, such as a media player, you can add MP3 files to the "music" folder.


  • If an MP3 file is protected with digital rights management (DRM), it will not work on the Kindle. The Kindle only works with DRM-protected content from Audible or DRM-free MP3 audio files.


  • The OverDrive Media Console can also be used for digital audio books rented from your local library.
  • If you have a traditional e-ink Kindle, you will not need an app for playing MP3 files; it's limited to the built-in audio player.


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