How to Get Your NOOK to Read to You

By Editorial Team

Updated February 10, 2017

The Nook Read To Me function is available only in children's books.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Many e-book readers have a text-to-speech function built into the device that read the text on the screen aloud through the reader’s speaker. The Barnes and Noble Nook does not have full text-to-speech functionality, but has a Read To Me feature on some of the children’s books available for the device. The device does not use a generated text-to-speech voice but instead uses audio files for each page that contain professional voice actors reading the text.

Download a children’s book with Read To Me functionality from the Nook Bookstore. Press the “Quick Nav Button” and tap “Library.”

Touch the cover of the e-book to open it. Tap the “Read To Me” button to have the book read aloud.

Swipe your finger across the page horizontally to change pages. As you change pages, the Read To Me function will read the text on the new page. You can also tap the arrow key at the bottom of the Nook screen to see thumbnails of each page and advance to a new page when you tap the thumbnail.


You can turn off the Read To Me function if you swipe horizontally to the beginning of the book and tap “Read By Myself.”

Some versions of the Nook app for smartphones and tablets includes Read To Me functionality.