How to Disable iCloud

By David Weedmark

Updated August 23, 2018

You can disable specific features or delete your iCloud account.
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Apple iCloud isn't the only way to store data. If your company is implementing a different cloud solution or if you're content to back up your files to your own computer, disabling iCloud can save quite a bit of bandwidth on your Internet service contract. You have two choices for disabling iCloud. You can keep your account active and disable each feature individually, leaving you the option to quickly reactivate it later if you desire. Your second option is to sign out of iCloud on your computer and then delete the account from your iOS devices, knowing you can always create the account again later if you change your mind.

Disabling iCloud on a Windows Computer

Launch the iCloud Control Panel on your Windows computer. On Windows 8, drag the cursor to the upper right corner of the desktop, click "Search" and click the "iCloud Control Panel."

Click the check box beside each activated feature to disable it. An empty check box indicates the feature is disabled. Click the "Apply" button.

Click the "Sign Out" button to disable the iCloud account on your computer.

Disabling iCloud on a Mac Computer

Launch iCloud on a Mac computer by selecting "System Preferences" from the Apple menu and clicking "iCloud" in the Internet & Wireless section of the System Preferences window.

Clear the check box beside any enabled iCloud feature to disable it. Clearing all the check boxes disables iCloud without deleting your account. Note that disabling iCloud for Calendars & Reminders will delete all calendar and reminder data from the Mac.

Click the "Sign Out" button if you want to completely disable the iCloud account on your Mac computer.

Disabling iCloud on an Apple iOS Device

Open "Settings" on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Select "iCloud."

Select any specific iCloud options you want to disable by tapping the toggle beside each option to the "Off" position. Tap "Storage & Backup" and then toggle the "iCloud Backup" option to the "Off" position. Turning off all the features disables iCloud from your device without deleting your iCloud account.

Tap the red "Delete Account" button if you want to disable iCloud permanently by deleting your account. A dialog box opens, warning you that all documents and Photo Stream photos stored in iCloud will be deleted from your device. Tap the "Delete" button to confirm your decision.


Use iTunes on your computer to back up your iOS device if you are disabling your iCloud backups.

Before disabling iCloud for Calendars & Reminders on a Mac computer, back up this data on your Mac. You can do this by launching the Calendar app and exporting each calendar.