How to Check the Map Version on a Garmin GPS

By Andy Warycka

Keeping maps updated on your GPS gives you the most efficient directions.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The only three certainties in life are death, taxes and road construction, so it’s important to keep the maps updated in your Garmin GPS in order to get correct and efficient directions. It takes only a minute to check your map version if you have the GPS in front of you, and it can make the difference between being stuck in traffic and whizzing past it on the shortcut.

Checking the Version

The procedure for checking map versions varies slightly depending on which model of Garmin GPS you have. For most nuvi models, all LIVE models and most zumo models, start by tapping “Tools,” then “Settings” on the main screen. From there, touch “Map” or “myMaps” depending on your particular unit, then tap “Map Info” or “Info,” depending on the model. Some models may offer “Map” or “myMaps” right on the main page.

If that doesn’t match what you see on your device, some nuvi, zumo, dezl, RV and Camper models use a different procedure. Start by touching “Settings,” then “Map & Vehicle,” and finally “myMaps” to see the current map version on the device.

Maps installed on the devices' internal memory as well as any maps located on an SD card installed in the device will be shown via this procedure. If you’d like to just view maps on the internal storage, repeat the above procedure after you have removed the SD card from the device.