How to Remove DRM & PDB From an E-Reader

by Kirk Bennet is one of the largest online e-book retailers. Most of the e-books available on the website are in PDB format, a format mostly used to view books on Palm mobile devices. These e-books also come with DRM -- digital rights management -- protection, a mechanism that prevents you from using the book on all of your mobile devices. To overcome this issue, you must remove DRM protection from eReader e-books. Although removing the protection from a copy you own is not illegal, distributing the unprotected e-book is. Calibre is the only tool that can legally create non-DRM PDB files.


Navigate your Web browser to the official Calibre website (link in Resources) to download the software.


Click the "Download" link and then click the Windows logo to download the Calibre for Windows installer. Save the file on your hard disk.


Double-click the "Calibre-0.8.38.msi" file you just downloaded and follow the instructions on your screen to install the tool.


Navigate your Web browser to Data File Host to download the Tools v4.8 package. It contains all plugins required by Calibre to remove the DRM protection.


Click the "Click Here" link and save the archive to your computer.


Right-click the "" archive and select "Extract here" to extract the contents in the saved folder.


Start Calibre by double-clicking its icon on your desktop.


Click "Preferences" and then "Change Calibre behavior."


Click "Plugins" in the Advanced section.


Click the "Load plugin from file" button.


Use the resulting file manager to open the "Calibre_Plugins" folder within the folder in which you extracted the Tools package.


Select the first ZIP file in the folder and click the "Add" button.


Click "Yes" in the warning window to install the plugin. A confirmation message is displayed after the plugin is successfully installed.


Repeat the process to install all plugins (ZIP files) in the Calibre_Plugins folder. There are five ZIP files:,,, and


Click "Apply" to save the changes.


Click the "Add books" button, and the Select Books window pops up.


Use the file browser in the Select Books window to navigate to the PDB file from which you want to remove DRM. Click it and click "Open." The DRM protection is removed when you import the e-book into Calibre.


Right-click the PDB e-book in the list of books, highlight "Save to disk" and click "Save to disk."


Click the folder in which you want to save the DRM-free PDB file and click "Select Folder" to export the file.

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