How to Purchase Residential Addresses for Mass Mailing

by Louise Balle

Depending on the type of business you run, direct mail advertising could be effective. According to ValPak, a direct-mail marketing firm, 75 percent of American consumers say that they are most likely to take note of physical mail advertisements. A coupon in the mail could entice customers to visit a store or call you on the phone more quickly. You can experience significant results from this advertising method if you have a very clear course of action that potential customers can take when viewing your ad, such as to visit a website or call an 800 phone number.

Go to a mailing list service website like,, or You can also purchase very reliable data from the credit bureaus, and offers mass mailing list services as well.

Select "Consumer" or "Residential" leads. You may also have an option to only choose from new homeowners and people who are about to move.

Choose the specific geographic location that you want to reach. This could be something highly specific like a neighborhood or more broad like a metro area. This choice should be based on your budget---the more residential leads you have the more expensive your campaign will be.

Choose your target market. This is possibly the most important step in purchasing a residential leads list because it will directly affect your conversion rate (the number of people who ultimately sign up with or buy from you). Target market criteria include the ages of the people on the list (for example 18 to 25 or 50 to 60), marital status, gender, income level and home values.

Choose optional details for your list, such as hobbies, number of children, personal finance information, ethnicity, and voting patterns. For example, you can specifically ask for people who like to sew and create things with their hands or groups of people who are looking to cut down on credit card debt. This additional information will cost more, but you may be able to narrow down your list further and reach the exact people who are most likely to purchase your product.

Continue through the online order process and look over the mass mailing list that you have selected to assure that you have an optimized and targeted list. For instance, if you're selling a baby product you won't want to send mail to senior citizens at nursing homes. Review the number of residential leads that are available. You can add or remove groups of leads before checking out.

Sign up for an account (if required) and check out with a credit card. The mass mailing list will be delivered to you as an Excel, CSV, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, or other contact management file depending on the service you choose. You can also have the addresses delivered to you on labels or on a CD-ROM.

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