The Best Places to Have an Email Address

by Evan Em

Email options can seem limitless. There are desktop versions, online versions and versions made for business purposes. Luckily, this means that whatever your needs may be, there is an email service that is right for you. Google Gmail, Microsoft Live, Yahoo and AOL are just a few free services that offer many features.

Google Gmail

When you are looking for a new email account, you want to look for things like security, storage and ease-of-use. Google has created an email account that incorporates all three. Your messages and personal information will be safe on its highly protected email server, you can store large quantities of data with its ever-growing storage space and it's designed to be user friendly. It also includes features like "chat" and conversation view.

Microsoft Live

Windows Live was designed to replace Windows Hotmail and serve as a viable competitor to Gmail and Yahoo Mail. It includes many of the same features of other premium email accounts, like enhanced security and spam filtering. Live also incorporates a messaging feature along with the newly developed SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a cloud-based server where you can manage and transfer large files from one user to another. It serves as additional storage space to the already whopping 25G that is included with the standard Live email account.

Yahoo Mail

Storage conscious email users who tend to hold onto all of their email will want to get a Yahoo account. Yahoo gives its users unlimited storage space. It is designed to function on a professional platform, but is also easy enough for an occasional computer user to operate. It incorporates a calendar and notes feature, creating a one-stop shop to manage your day-to-day communication and agenda.


America Online (AOL) is a long time email provider initially releasing a desktop version of its email software. Today you can enroll online for free. Users that are concerned with security will enjoy AOL's numerous security and filtering features. In addition, along with the AOL account, users can download a free version of McAfee virus scanning software to use on their desktop or laptop computer.

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