How to Place a Yahoo Ad

by Kate Bruscke

Boasting more than 627 million unique visitors per month at time of publication, Yahoo! is an attractive bet for your advertising dollar. Yahoo! offers a wide variety of advertising spaces on its network of sites, which include their homepage and sections such as autos, news, travel, buzz and video, as well other properties, including Associated Content, Answers and Flickr, and on partner sites, such as Comcast and eBay. Ad types include traditional banner and side bar ads, with animation and static, as well as expandable, floating and video ads.

Visit different sections, properties and partners in the Yahoo! network, and determine which areas might attract the demographic or interest of your potential customer.

Visit Yahoo!'s ad specs page and select ad size, type and properties you are interested in, and then add them into your shopping cart.

Expand the Spec Cart to the right of the screen and hit Export to open or save the file as an Excel spreadsheet. This will give you more details about the types of files that are supported, whether audio is included, maximum file sizes and other specific information.

Contact Yahoo!'s advertising sales staff by filling out their contact form and clicking "Submit." This sends your information to a Yahoo! staff member who will contact you to complete the transaction.

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