How to Find Hotmail Emails

by Brad Chacos

The free Hotmail email service has been around for several years -- the service launched on Independence Day way back in 1996, according to Dick Craddock, the Hotmail Group Manager. Given the length of time the service has been around, it should come as no surprise that Craddock reported that some Hotmail customers had over 10 GB of emails in their inboxes as of 2010. That's a lot of mail to sift through. Fortunately, the service includes a handy search function that can help you find specific emails quickly.

Log into your Hotmail email account.

Click on a folder, such as your inbox or sent folder, in the navigation column on the left side of the screen.

Type a search term in the "Search email" field in the upper-right corner of the main reading pane. The search term can be anything from the email you want to find -- the subject, the sender or a snippet of the conversation. Enter as specific a term as possible. A drop-down box of search options appears.

Click the search filter you'd like to use in the drop-down menu. Tell Hotmail to find all emails with the term you entered, or to search specifically among senders, recipients or subjects containing the term. A list of results appears in the reading pane.

Browse the list of results until you find the Hotmail email you're searching for, or use the advanced search options to narrow the scope of the search.

Click the downward-pointing arrows to the right of the search field to expand the advanced search options. Enter specific recipients, senders, subjects, folders and dates to search. You can also limit the search to emails that include attachments. Click "Search" to run the search after filling the desired fields.

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