A Homemade iPad Stylus

by Dustin Thornton

If you enjoy drawing or writing on your iPad, you may wish to use a stylus instead of your finger. An iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad touchscreen uses a conductive technology that only responds when you touch it with your finger or another conductive element, so normal styluses do not work with the iPad. Although you can purchase styluses designed specifically for the iPad, you can also create a homemade iPad stylus using a few tools and parts.


Disassemble the pen completely until you have a hollow plastic tube. On most pens, do this by unscrewing the metal tip, removing the ink tube and pulling off the end-cap on the back of the pen.


Cut an inch-long strip of conductive foam, approximately the width of the pen tube.


Cut approximately a foot of 24- or 22-gauge wire and strip approximately 2 inches of the insulation off one end of the wire using wire strippers.


Insert the stripped end of the wire through the center of the conductive foam, then wrap the remaining portion of the exposed wire around the foam five to six times.


Insert the other end of the wire into the hollow pen tube and pull it through until approximately 1/4 inch of conductive foam protrudes out of the tip of the pen tube.


Strip the remaining bit of rubber off the exposed wire from the back of the pen tube using wire strippers.


Wrap the exposed wire around the pen, starting at the back and working forward, so that your hand touches the wire while you hold the pen naturally.


Cut the exposed conductive foam using scissors to shape it in a "V" shape.

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