How to Get Broadband Access on a Laptop While Driving

by Contributor

Many people wish that they could have access to the Internet, send and receive email and do other online activities while using a laptop from their car. With broadband access, their wish has come true. It is available wherever there is cell phone coverage.

Purchase a mobile broadband card, also known as an air card. You can get one from either Sprint or Verizon. Sometimes you can find a promotion where they will give you the card for free as a signup bonus for their connection services. The card fits in the PCMCIA slot of your computer and once activated, will remain on and keep an Internet connection logged on as long as you desire.

Register the new mobile broadband air card with a service provider to get the account activated. This most likely will be completed in the store at the time of purchase. The card uses a cell phone signal and will be assigned a specific cell phone number, although it is not used for phone calls, but merely as a modem for Internet access.

Surf the web anytime and anywhere. There are many advantages to having a mobile broadband card. You can almost always get online and keep up to date and current, day or night without having to stop off at Starbucks or some hopefully friendly hotel lobby.

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