What Is Email Stationary?

by Lolo Parker

Email stationary is a template that replaces the white background of an email with a colored or patterned background. Additional customization options are available to create a personal flair for your email correspondence.


You can modify email stationary to include photos, sound effects and visual graphics. Seasonal and holiday stationary provides a fun way to express your festive side.

Professional Use

Professional email stationary provides a cohesive image for your company brand and allows you to link back to pertinent pages on your company's website.

Additional Uses

Creating wedding announcements, birthday invitations and Christmas letters with email stationary makes communicating important information affordable and fast.


Generic email stationary is available from most popular e-mail services for free. Online vendors provide custom email stationary packages that include branded signatures and thank you cards for a fee.


Email stationary templates that contain excessive photos and graphic effects will download slower on the recipient's computer.

About the Author

Lolo Parker is a freelance writer specializing in pet care, beauty products, accounting, telecommunications, religion and gardening. Parker holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is pursuing her master's degree in the same field at U.M.S.